October in La Galeria: Fidel Carey-Realmo


These paintings represent the explorations of a question I have been asking myself since my exhibit at Ranazul last year. What would happen if I kept painting on pieces that I already felt were successful enough to be exhibited in public? In March 2015 I had my first solo exhibit at Ranazul. I presented drip/splatter paintings of various sizes and colors. I was quite pleased with the body of work for a first show. Afterwards, I recognized an interesting opportunity: what would I end up with if I kept painting on some of my best paintings? It was a risk, I could potentially lose several good paintings but on the other hand what if I found something even more interesting? I didn’t know what would happen and I liked that. I was curious and I felt that it was time to try to push it even more and see what would be discovered. This is what I love about art: the amazing opportunities that are always waiting to be created and explored. These paintings are the results of my explorations into the unknown. Some of the styles are quite different from what the original paintings had been. I acted on the belief that I can never lose in art by creating and taking chances. Even what seems like a loss is experience and valuable. These are paintings which are presented but are also potentially still in process. They could and most likely will change with time. So what is presented here, just as in the first Ranazul exhibition, is only available for now, there are no guarantees about the future. – Fidel Carey-Realmo

Reception Sunday October 16th at 4pm.
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